The problem of common sense

Kumashiro defines common sense as what a society considers to be their norm. These norms vary extensionally throughout the world. In Nepal striking an unruly student would be considered the norm, however, in North America, if a teacher were to strike a student it would likely result in the teacher being reprimanded or even having their job terminated.

The reason it is important to pay attention to the “commonsense” is that what we may interpret to be commonsense may not at all be what another person would classify as commonsense. This idea is also dangerous because when it comes to commonsense often times it can be beneficial to a majority, and leave many at a disadvantage. Commonsense can often be very noninclusive and oppressive. In the story, Kumashiro speaks about how the peace corps was using education to oppress the Nepalese people and how it was a form of culural imperialism.


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